GoCardless is here

Hassle-free payment of your Numbers invoices

Numbers offers a variety of different ways to pay your invoice – you can choose to pay by BACs, standing order, cheque or card. That said, these all require you to remember to make the payment. We don’t like chasing our clients for payments any more than they like us chasing them!

GoCardless is here

That’s why we now offer a new way to pay your Numbers invoices * – which means you need never remember to pay our bill again!  GoCardless means that you can pay Numbers by DirectDebit – we’ll raise the invoice, click the button in our software to collect the payment and then it’s all done.

It’s easier for us and easier for you so it’s a win:win!

GoCardless is here

It’s easy to set up and all you need to do is fill in the direct debit mandate which will sent to you by email and then we can take it from there.  You can find out more about GoCardless here and they also have a useful FAQ page which you may like to take a quick look through.

* Excluding our pay monthly clients who should already have set up a standing order.

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You need never worry about remembering to pay Numbers again