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As we enter another month, it is incredible to look back over the last month and see how rapidly things have changed. Daily news bulletins with yet more information for support and safety – there’s such a lot to take in. The Government has offered huge amounts of support to businesses, employees and now the self-employed. The offers are incredibly helpful but there is still little detail as to how some of this support will be put into action. 

There’s now a minefield of information available so to help point you in the right direction we’ve pulled together a summary which you can access here.

If you have any questions or queries about whether you may be eligible then please do ask – we appreciate there is a lot of information here and are very happy to help if you have any queries. Whilst it is up to date at the time of writing, do please bear in mind that there will be ongoing updates – where possible we have linked to the relevant government websites so you should still end up in the right place for more information. 

If you have any specific HR queries, we’re pleased to advise that Numbers client’s can call our friends at Croner Taxwise for free support – we’ve already sent the information out by email but if you’d like a reminder you can ask here.

Even though we are now working remotely please do remember that if you have any queries, you can still get in touch. Email is probably easiest now directly to your usual contact or to – we are here to support you as much as we can. 

With kind regards and very best wishes from us all, 
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